Research Paper Structure And Essential Components

Before you start writing a research paper, you should learn what components it should consist of and in what order they should be presented. Otherwise, you might structure your academic work in a poor way. Consequently, you’ll get a low score for your writing assignment from your teacher.

Help with Research Paper: Chapters and Sections to Include

  1. An introduction. At the beginning of your term paper, you should introduce a topic you’ve picked for your study. You should not just present it but also prove to your readers that your topic is important to research. Then, you should explain the key terms used in the text and provide a brief description of the next chapters.
  2. A review of the literature. The next chapter of your academic work should inform the readers about the books, articles, and other materials you examined during your study. You don’t have to elaborate on every source from your bibliography in this chapter, however. Just focus on the most influential ones.
  3. A description of methodology. In this chapter, you should tell your readers about the methodology you’ve chosen to conduct your study. First, you should explain the general approach and then, elaborate on each activity you’ve taken during your work. Having examined this chapter, a reader should be able to replicate your research to the last detail.
  4. A discussion of results. Having described your study, you should demonstrate what it resulted in. First, provide your readers with the raw data collected during your work. Then, explain what this data means and show how it answers the main question of your study. Lastly, discuss the importance of your findings for your field.
  5. A conclusion. The last chapter of the main body should summarize all the information provided previously. The best research papers also include suggestions for other students on what topics they can choose for their projects in the conclusion.
  6. A bibliography. The first section to appear after the main body should contain a list of all the sources of information used in your research. The list should be organized alphabetically and be formatted according to the required style.
  7. Appendices. In this section, you should put various pictures, graphs, and tables containing important information related to your study.

Finding a Reliable Service to Write a Research Paper for Me

You might not always be able to work on your writing assignments. In such situations, it’s advisable to hire competent and trustworthy online agencies to write papers for you. Not all writing companies that you can find online are reliable and professional, however. To distinguish them from amateurs, you should follow a few tips:

  • Check a company’s website. It should be good looking, easy to operate, and full of informative materials related to the agency and its services.
  • Check a company’s client support. The support team of a competent service should work without day-offs and give only direct and clear answers.
  • Check a company’s writers. The staff of a reliable agency should consist of qualified academic writers. An honest company won’t hide this information from you.
  • Check a company’s guarantees. Last but not least, a trustworthy service should have official assurances for its clients. Many amateur companies that provide cheap research papers don’t offer any guarantees because the quality of their services is low. If you’ve constructed a contract with assurances, you can be certain that you’ll get a custom paper of top quality.

Now, you know about the main chapters and sections that your term paper should include. This knowledge will help you complete your writing assignment properly and impress your teacher. If you need more tips related to composing particular parts of your paper, approach your instructor for a consultation.

Proofread your draft

The proofreading part is important. You want to make sure that your audience understands what parts of the draft may need some help. You can have someone else look it over if you want. It is a great way of checking the flow and whether the piece makes sense. Sometimes when you are reading your own paper, you know what it is supposed to say, and that makes it hard to see the errors.

Create a flow

The use of transitional phrases is vital to the successful flow of your paper. Your paper is a roadmap and your destination is the thesis statement. Look at the signs that you are presenting to your reader. Is it clear that you are changing the subject? If you use transitional phrases, it tells the reader that you are moving on to the next part of your research paper. You are telling them that you are now going to suggest another reason to prove the main idea.

Evidence presentation method

In any paper and especially in this kind of paper, the evidence or proof is important. You want to prove to your audience that you aren’t making things up. You can do this and add credibility to what you are saying by quoting sources and using the evidence derived from studies. However, you need to make sure that you don’t just add a quote and think that is all you need to do.